Everything You Need

End to End

Our line is formulated to fulfill all of the nutritional needs of plants from start to finish. You don’t have to add anything else.

Bioavailable Chelates

We make chelates from scratch that fit perfectly into plant metabolic pathways, resulting in products with low salt indexes and low potentials for burning.


For plants, life is all about carbon. Our products are engineered with the understanding that carbon is the most important macronutrient for plants.

Plant Extracts

We are at the forefront of learning how sea and land plant extracts influence plant metabolism, nutrient assimilation, and soil chemistry.

  • Lifespan
    Our Lifespan products are used across the full life of the plant. They contain balanced proportions of macro and micronutrients that are 100% bioavailable to plants and deliver a dependable source of nutrition in both the vegetative and flowering phases.
  • Vegetative
    Our Vegetative products contain everything plants need for strong root establishment and development, plus all of the building blocks that help plants develop lush green canopies in high-intensity growing environments.
  • Bloom
    Our Bloom products are nitrate-free supplements that nourish even the fastest growing and highest yielding plants. They are fine-tuned to deliver all of the necessary building blocks for large, dense flowers and the highest quality yields.

Powered by Plants

We take a plant-centric approach to engineering our fertilizers. Our focus on mimicking nature means our products optimize long-term soil and plant health. Going beyond simple nourishment, our products help ensure the health and success of future generations by imbuing the soil with organic matter and stimulating microbiological activity.


Our Philosophy

Support Local

We proudly source the plants and minerals we work with from local and US-based companies whenever possible.

Made in the USA

We research, develop, and manufacture our entire product line from scratch in Washington state. No formulators, no toll blenders, no repackaging – we do it all ourselves.

Eco-Friendly Inputs

We source the most sustainable and renewable materials available that help us reduce our impact on the environment.

Do As Nature Is

Our products are engineered to replicate the soil-building and plant-growing chemistries that have nourished this green planet for billions of years. Nature is the greatest visible engine of creativity; and for us as a company, an infinite source of inspiration.

Commercial Operations

  • Tailored Advice
    Working with our customers, we customize feeding recommendations based on a big-picture approach which includes facility and environmental controls plus labor and resource availability.
  • Ease of Use
    We help you fine-tune product usage to make things plug-and-play. No need to worry about pH adjustments and salt buildup in your lines.
  • Real Support
    Successfully onboarding a new nutrient line takes time and technical expertise. We offer real-time support to help you keep your plants at peak performance.

Let's Grow Together

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Carbon is Life

Plant life is defined by photosynthesis, which is a process that captures carbon out of the air. Everything plants do revolves around capturing and utilizing carbon. Similarly, everything we make is rooted in carbon chemistry. We fine-tune and optimize key metabolic pathways that create a variety of carbon-rich molecules, resulting in improved performances, health, and yield.

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