High Quality Results in All Settings

Rooted Leaf Agritech’s full product line is ideal for the commercial and craft grower, looking to cultivate high quality medicinal
plants without the concerns that come with synthetic salts and the hassle of adjusting the pH

Starter Kit

This “Starter Kit” contains quart-sized bottles of our full product line – enough for 4 to 8 plants, grown for approximately 4 weeks in vegetative and 8 weeks in flowering.

If you need more than quarts to start off, head over to our Build A Kit page!

$209.76  $199.97

Make your own!

Build Your Own Kit

Need a little more of this and that? Build the kit you want and still save!

Feed Charts

Click on one of our feed charts below to download. We recommend starting with Light or Medium to find the right balance for your particular environment. Heavy is for experienced growers with intense environments. If you would like to see even greater performance gains, take a look at our Foliar Spray Schedule!