Lush Green

5 - 0 - 0.5

The Problem

Nitrogen is fundamental for all aspects of plant growth, but also a major limiting nutrient because most forms leach away from root hairs. This damages soils at the same time it stunts plant growth, resulting in weakened plants with yellow leaves.

The Solution

Lush Green is a pure amino acid form of nitrogen that is carbon-rich and soil-stable, providing a dependable source of nutrition for rapidly growing plants.


Lush Green reduces nitrogen run-off and leaching, resulting in more predictable growth and better soil chemistry.

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Do As Nature Is

Our formulas are engineered to replicate the soil-building and plant-growing chemistries that have nourished this green planet for billions of years. Lush Green nourishes soil microbes and contributes to healthy soil structure while also reducing nitrogen leaching in the rhizosphere.


Lush Green is our nitrogen supplement.

It is 100% nitrate-free and contains a carbon-rich form of nitrogen that releases into the soil based on plant and microbial activity, giving it a much gentler effect that does not induce stretching when used in high amounts.

Lush Green’s plant-derived nitrogen source is enhanced with our organic acid-based form of potassium, which helps improve nitrogen uptake and assimilation in plants by optimizing the carbon to nitrogen ratio so that as plants grow, they are less susceptible to nutrient burns.

Lush Green is derived from: Fermented plant material (Aloe vera, Salvia officinalis), amino acids, potassium acetate, and potassium citrate.

  • elementicon_LUG - N1a
    Nitrogen - 5%
  • elementicon_LUG - K1a
    Potassium - 0.5%
  • elementicon_LUG - C1a
    Carbon - 22%

Aloe Vera

The inner filet of aloe leaves (Aloe vera) are rich in mutinous polysaccharides that have been used as medicine for thousands of years by cultures from all around the world.

Over 200 biologically active sugars, amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and enzymes have been discovered so far.


Indigenous to the Mediterranean but naturalized around the world, sage plants (Salvia officinalis) produce a myriad of highly fragrant compounds such as terpenes and organic acids.

Sage is known as the “Salvation Plant” and has been used around the world for thousands of years as medicine, with the oldest evidence of its use dating back to ancient Egypt.


Feeding Instructions

Soil & Coco

  • Measure
    1 – 6mL per gallon of feedwater
  • Mix
    solution well – no pH adjustment or aeration needed
  • Apply
    immediately and discard any remaining solution


  • Measure
    5 – 10mL per gallon of spray solution
  • Apply
    immediately and discard any remaining solution
  • 2 - 3x
    foliar feeds per week until the beginning of week 3 in bloom

General Tips!

• Always start with clean, filtered water. RO filtered water is not necessary.

• Avoid mixing A&B in concentrate. For injection systems, a mixing chamber between pump heads is recommended.

• Take your time mixing between products. You can add things together too fast; it is harder to add them together too slow.

• Wash your measuring cups between products! Or, better yet, get a measuring cup for each one that way you can eliminate cross-contamination altogether.

• Once you have added the correct amount of each product into your mix tank, mix well to homogenize the solution, however, do not use bubblers or aerate the solution.

• If using a feedwater injection system, like a dosatron, regular cleaning of feed lines is recommended. Everything in our products is water soluble, so periodic water-only cycles will clean your lines. After every watering, you can also run just enough plain water to fill your lines and flush out any feedwater solution.

• Clean pumps out with plain water after every use or water with a small amount of peroxide.

Foliar Combinations and Tips

Our products have excellent synergy with each other when used as foliar sprays. Try the following combinations out and let us know what you think!

  1. Solar Rain & Silica Skin – 40mL per gallon of Solar Rain and 20mL per gallon of Silica Skin
  2. CalMag Fuel & Lush Green – 40mL per gallon of CalMag Fuel and 20mL per gallon of Lush Green

Our customers & friends try all sorts of combinations with great results. We’ve seen a lot of things work out very well once people get familiar with the products and learn how to use them as tools that help them achieve the results they’re looking for.

• Do experiment with your own combinations to get the maximum synergy between all of the products, but do not use Primer A&B or Root Anchor as foliar sprays.

• Do use filtered, clean water.

• Do try to spray early in the mornings; but if you have to spray in the middle or end of day, you may not have to turn the lights off.

• Spray a small number of plants first to test their reaction out; most of our customers eventually spray their whole gardens once they get comfortable and trust that our products do not burn plants when sprayed with the lights on.