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Who We Are

We are a small group of talented individuals dedicated to engineering solutions that solve the challenges of modern agriculture. 

If it grows, we can grow it better. Our products can improve the nutritional value of food crops and increase the concentration of therapeutic compounds in medicinal crops.

If it doesn’t grow, we can make it grow. Our solutions can return fertility to soils toxified with the full spectrum of contaminants, from excess fertilizer salts to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals. 

We make powerful biofertilizers that transform the way agriculture is performed.

Our innovative products are engineered from-scratch with a focus on crop-specific biochemistry. Each product is designed to bring the best possible growth characteristics out while nourishing and sustaining healthy soil, leaf, and flower chemistry. 

What We Do

Why We Do It

To improve the nutritional value of food crops and therapeutic value of medicinal crops. 

We take a holistic and plant-centric approach to engineering fertilizers that reduce the environmental impacts of conventional agriculture. Our products are engineered to return fertility to soils and to improve plant health and crop quality, generation after generation.

Combining advanced carbon chemistry with the latest understandings of plant and soil biology.

Our approach involves fine-tuning nutrient programs to delivery exactly what plants need when they need it. This helps reduce the buildup of harmful salts and keeps plant and soil chemistry in the most ideal state of growth and health. 

How We Do It