Solar Rain

0 - 0 - 1 with 1% Mg

The Problem

Magnesium is vital for energy production and sugar transportation in leaf tissue. Without foliar feeding; plants quickly deplete their stores, resulting in decreased photosynthesis, stunted root growth, and diminished terpene production.

The Solution

Solar Rain delivers a unique magnesium complex that boosts photosynthesis by increasing chlorophyll production in leaf tissue.


Solar Rain helps plants recover from transition shock, and can help relieve environmental stressors including pests and pathogens.

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Bioavailable Nutrition

We make mineral complexes from scratch using pharmaceutical and food-grade inputs. Solar Rain is a clean and pure source of nutrition that delivers vital minerals across cell walls with a low burn potential when used as directed.

SRA_3240226 PBP

Solar Rain is our magnesium-based foliar spray.

This is our flagship formula, it contains a special magnesium complex which is 100% bioavailable to plants and unique in its ability to improve a broad range of primary and secondary metabolic functions. It is free of nitrates, phosphates, sulfates, chlorides, carbonates, and animal products.

Solar Rain contains a unique organic acid profile that acts on the Krebs cycle and boosts photosynthetic efficiency, allowing plants to maximize their growth as well as stress relief during transplants and transitions.

Solar Rain is derived from: Fermented plant material (Aronia melanocarpa, Camellia sinensis), magnesium citrate, magnesium acetate, and potassium citrate.

  • elementicon_SRA - K1a
    Potassium - 1%
  • Element Icon_SRA - Mg
    Magnesium - 1%
  • elementicon_SRA - C1a
    Carbon - 12%


Native to North America, the aronia plant (Aronia melanocarpa) has a rich history of use by Native American tribes, such as the Potawatomi, Ojibwa, Iroquois, and others.

The berries are among the most highly concentrated in anthocyanins and flavonoids of any fruit in the world, which gives them their deep purple-black color.



Native to Southwestern China, the cultivated tea shrub (Camellia sinensis) is one of the most significant and important plants in human history.

Green tea leaves contain a special amino acid not commonly produced by other plants – L-theanine, which is highly concentrated in the tippy shoots.

Feeding Instructions

Soil & Coco

  • Foliar Only
    Not recommended for use as a soil drench. The chemistry of Solar Rain works best when applied to leaves rather than roots. But if you want an awesome soil drench, check out Root Anchor!


  • Measure
    10 – 20mL per gallon of spray solution
  • Apply
    immediately and discard any remaining solution
  • 2 - 3x
    foliar feeds per week until the beginning of week 3 in bloom

Foliar Combinations and Tips

Our products have excellent synergy with each other when used as foliar sprays. Try the following combinations out and let us know what you think!

  1. Solar Rain & Silica Skin – 40mL per gallon of Solar Rain and 20mL per gallon of Silica Skin
  2. CalMag Fuel & Lush Green – 40mL per gallon of CalMag Fuel and 20mL per gallon of Lush Green

Our customers & friends try all sorts of combinations with great results. We’ve seen a lot of things work out very well once people get familiar with the products and learn how to use them as tools that help them achieve the results they’re looking for.

• Do experiment with your own combinations to get the maximum synergy between all of the products, but do not use Primer A&B or Root Anchor as foliar sprays.

• Do use filtered, clean water.

• Do try to spray early in the mornings; but if you have to spray in the middle or end of day, you may not have to turn the lights off.

• Spray a small number of plants first to test their reaction out; most of our customers eventually spray their whole gardens once they get comfortable and trust that our products do not burn plants when sprayed with the lights on.