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Rooted Leaf Agritech’s full product line is ideal for the commercial and craft grower, looking to cultivate high quality medicinal
plants without the concerns that come with synthetic salts and the hassle of adjusting the pH

Starter Kit

This “Starter Kit” contains quart-sized bottles of our full product line – enough for 4 to 8 plants, grown for approximately 4 weeks in vegetative and 8 weeks in flowering.

If you need more than quarts to start off, head over to our Build A Kit page to get the same bulk discount!

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Build Your Own Kit

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Feed Charts

Click on one of our feed charts below to download. We recommend starting with Light and working
up to Medium. Heavy is for experienced growers with intense environments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Foliar sprays are a nutrient solution that is sprayed on to the leaf surfaces of the plant. Generally, foliar sprays are only used during the vegetative and early bloom phases of growth. 

Solar Rain, CalMag Fuel, Silica Skin, Lush Green, Peak Bloom, and Resin Bloom, can all be applied to the roots and as a foliar spray. We recommend creating mixtures of 2-3 products per spray.  We do not recommend creating spray solutions of all 6 products at one time.

Our products do not have any certifications as organic input materials, however, most of our raw ingredients are either organic and/or food-grade.

We recommend following one of the feed charts provided. You can apply nutrients to your plants 2-3 times per week to start out. In intense grow environments, it is possible to feed your plants 7 days per week.  

The Lifespan products (Primer A&B, CalMag Fuel, and Silica Skin) are used throughout both veg and bloom periods. Our Vegetative products (Root Anchor, Lush Green, and Solar Rain) are used throughout the vegetative phase through the early bloom phase. And our Bloom products (Peak Bloom and Resin Bloom) are used throughout the bloom phase of the plant.

We recommend filling a pitcher, bucket, or appropriate sized trash can with the correct amount of water. Generally, you should water in about 10-15% of the total volume of the pot (for example a 10 gallon pot receives 1-1.5 gallons of water). RO water is not necessary, but a PPM below 120 is recommended, 20-40 is ideal. 

Using a pipette, syringe, or measuring cup, measure out the appropriate amount of the first product and add it to your water reservoir. Clean the measuring tool out with fresh water and repeat the process until you have added all of the appropriate products. 

After adding all of your nutrients, gently mix the reservoir to ensure a uniform solution. Once the solution looks well mixed, apply it to your plants.

After each watering, using fresh water, make sure to clean all of your measuring and watering tools/hoses to avoid any organic buildup.

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