Resin Bloom
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Resin Bloom

0 – 0 – 1.5

The Problem

Potassium imbalances at the end of the flowering cycle can result in decreased water metabolism, reducing the overall quality and yield in the last weeks of the cycle.


The Solution

Resin Bloom is an electrolytic formula that can act as a powerful signaling compound during the late stages of bloom to help increase flower density and terpene concentrations.


Resin Bloom has a low salt index and can be used during the flush period to help dislodge residual salts from root hairs.

Fully Reacted Supplements


We create carbon-based electrolytes that reduce harmful salt levels and help prevent nutrient accumulation in the soil. That’s part of why Resin Bloom can be safely used right up to harvest with no adverse impacts on plant health.

Plants need consistent sources of NPK and micronutrients throughout their lifespans. These form the essential building blocks for all plant matter from roots and stalks to leaves and flowers.


Our Lifespan products contain balanced proportions of NPK and micronutrients that are bioavailable to plants and 100% soluble in water, delivering a dependable source of life-long nutrition.

Primer A&B

Primer A = 1.8 – 3.5 – 7.0

Primer B = 1.8 – 3.5 – 1.5


Life-long nutrition. Primer A&B contain a balanced and bioavailable blend of primary and secondary nutrients that can be used throughout the lifespan of the plant without disrupting soil chemistry or plant health. It contains NPK, calcium, magnesium, and micronutrients.


CalMag Fuel

3.5% Ca, 0.8% Mg


Fuel for life. CalMag Fuel is the most effective calcium and magnesium supplement on the market. Our nitrogen-free formula immediately delivers a carbon-based mineral complex that plants depend on for everything from stalk growth to trichome formation and terpene biosynthesis.


Silica Skin

0 – 0 – 1.1


Cell wall armor. Silica Skin is an organic acid enhanced potassium silicate that strengthens cell walls and reduces oxidative stress. It delivers soluble silicon during the early stages of cell growth, reinforcing specific proteins that keep the cell wall intact and impenetrable to predators and pathogens.


During the vegetative phase, plants utilize nitrogen and magnesium to grow lush green canopies, and rely on phosphorus for healthy white root growth.


Our Vegetative products contain fundamental building blocks as well as everything plants need for root development, canopy health, and salinity management.

Solar Rain

0.1% Mg


Pure liquid energy. Solar Rain is a revolutionary foliar spray that drives primary and secondary metabolism pathways in plants. It supplies a special form of magnesium that is immediately available to plants, and does not burn plant tissue even under intense light and heat stress.


Lush Green

3.5 – 0 – 0


Activated-release nitrogen. Lush Green is soil-stable nitrogen enhanced with an aloe-based bio-stimulant that enriches the soil. It facilitates nitrogen metabolism in plants by providing the building blocks of proteins, resulting in healthy canopy growth.


Root Anchor

0.7 – 3.5 – 0.7


A trifecta of power. Root Anchor is a liquid humic concentrate meets a sea plant extract meets a probiotic package. Each gallon contains billions of beneficial micro-organisms, with over 2 pounds of sea plants and the most advanced humic concentrate available in the world.


During the bloom phase, plants rely on phosphorus to fuel flower growth, and potassium as an electrolyte to help produce the essential oils that define high-quality yields.


Our Bloom products contain key components required for large, dense flower growth as well as precursors that improve overall quality and yield.

Peak Bloom

0.2 – 3.5 – 2.5


Bioavailable rocket fuel. Peak Bloom is a fully reacted flowering formula that improves early-onset flower growth and supports massive flower growth during peak bloom periods. It acts on a cellular level to increase water uptake and nutrient metabolism by allowing cells and cell walls to expand.


Resin Bloom

0 – 0 – 1.5


Energy-dense electrolyte. Resin Bloom is a powerful signaling compound that stimulates secondary plant metabolism and increases productivity of essential oils and aromatic compounds. It is unique in its ability to promote the formation of a broad range of antioxidant compounds that alleviate plant stress.


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